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About Us


GMG has grown rapidly since its humble beginnings in 1999. Today we are the leading professional provider of grease / FOG management services across the UK, with approximately 3000 site visits annually.  As registered waste contractors with our own dedicated licensed waste management facility, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and in our ability to design bespoke solutions for large and small establishments.  We offer a broad range of products and flexible and personalised services to large catering groups and restaurant chains, as well as individual outlets across the UK. Our dedicated team of advisors and engineers are available to discuss your requirements and find solutions to your grease management needs.


Our company was started in 1999 by Mike Goodbourn, a civil engineer, who wanted to provide a professional, flexible, and responsive grease management service.  In our first year of activity we serviced approximately 100 outlets, and have grown steadily ever since.  Our capacity has grown over time to the point were we are now able to service grease management systems and catering groups of any size.

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