Grease management
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• BactiPack Manual Drain Dosing Sachets:
Each specially formulated BactiPak manual drain dosing sachet contains trillions of naturally occurring grease digesting bacteria. Once added to kitchen pipework or drains, the bacteria grow to form a bio-film and any grease that tries to adhere to the bio-film is digested into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

BactiPak is supplied in 120g sachets and if used weekly will offer a good level of protection. BactiPaks are available in a 1, 3 and 6 month supply.

Ease of use:
Simply add a BactiPak sachet to 10 litres of warm water, stir and wait for ten minutes. Your Bacterial drain treatment fluid is now ready.

You can use BactiPak to treat floor gullies, sinks, floor channels and grease traps.

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BactiPak Data Sheet

BactiPak Material Safety Data Sheet

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