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Drain Doser Plus

• GMG Drain Doser Plus Bacterial Drain Dosing System:
For less intensive catering facilities GMG has developed the Drain Doser Plus bacterial drain dosing system, an automatic, programmable dosing unit feeding a specially formulated single strain bacterial fluid (Bacti-G) directly to the point of source. Housed in an attractive, hygienic, stainless steel cabinet, the GMG Drain Doser Plus is programmed to deliver Bacti-G fluid after all kitchen operations have ceased.

Automatic drain dosing:
Automatic drain dosing can also be applied directly to grease traps (not grease recovery units) to extend the periods between clean-outs. The grease trap acts as a point of treatment, allowing the bacteria to form a biomass that feeds off the collected grease.

Guaranteed for the life of the contract:
Drain Doser Plus units are supplied on a contractual basis. The fluid is supplied and changed over on a pre-arranged basis by a qualified GMG technician. During the life of your contract, any parts of the Dosing Unit that fail due to normal wear and tear are replaced free of charge.

• Bacti-G Bacterial Drain Dosing Fluid
Bacti-G was developed in conjunction with one of the UK’s major bioscience manufacturing companies. It has been formulated with free enzymes to allow Bacti-G to start the digestion process as soon as it comes into contact with Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). The strain of bacteria chosen is highly efficient at digesting animal and vegetable based long chain, fatty acids (fats) making Bacti-G the most effective of its kind.

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Drain Doser Plus Data Sheet

Drain Doser Plus Installation Sheet

Bacti-G Material Safety Data Sheet

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