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Filter Shield


• The GMG Filter Shield:
In out experience this is the most effective method of stopping food waste from kitchen operations getting into the drainage system. After Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG), FOOD WASTE is the next biggest cause of drain blockages for the catering industry.

Variable Filter Sizes:
Supplied as standard with a 4mm filter basket, the GMG Filter Shield will catch anything 4mm or bigger from pre-rinse, pot-wash and prep sinks and will also collect waste from a vegetable rumbler.

Hygienic and smell free:
Manufactured from rotationally moulded polypropylene with a fully sealed lid, the GMG Filter Shield is hygienic and smell-free. It has adjustable feet which allow for height adjustment up to + 50mm. To raise the unit higher we supply height adjustable stainless steel stands.

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Filter Shield Data Sheet

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