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• GMG Grease Guzzler dosing system:
For high volume catering establishments that want to adopt dosing as their method of grease management or if their site arrangements don’t allow for a grease trap, the GMG Grease Guzzler is the ideal solution.

Patented pre-activation technology:
The Grease Guzzler uses patented pre-activation technology to deliver a highly concentrated, high volume (≤ 3 litres) dose of live bacteria to give protection to more complex, longer drain runs. The unit incubates a mixture of bacterial concentrate with water over a seven hour period and once kitchen operations have ceased, doses the mixture directly to the point of source.

Long Life:
The bacterial concentrate (S65) is packaged in a convenient 5 litre carton that at normal dosing levels will last for 6 months. For extreme applications the dosing level can be increased to deliver `double dose’ and the carton is changed every 3 months.

Guaranteed for the life of the contract:
Like our Bacti-G fluid, the S65 fluid is supplied on a contractual basis and changed over by a qualified GMG technician at pre-arranged intervals. During the life of your Grease Guzzler contract, any parts of the system that fail due to normal wear and tear are replaced free of charge.

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Grease Guzzler Brochure

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