Grease management
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Grease Master Mini


• The GMG Grease Master Mini:
This is a budget or entry level unit which provides protection for smaller sites such as Church or Village Halls and Club Houses. Manufactured from rotationally moulded Polypropylene, the unit will provide years of problem free grease management if properly maintained.

Simple Maintenance:
Collected grease is removed on a daily basis and is easily done once the sealed, screw top lid is removed. Simply scoop out the collected fats, oils & grease, put them in a sealed container and put them in the appropriate waste bin. For sites where food waste is present, a stainless steel filter basket is available.

Small, but Efficient:
The GMG Grease Master Mini features a triple internal baffle giving a high grease trapping efficiency with a very small footprint. It is supplied with easy to follow installation instructions and includes 50mm push fit connections, an easy job for a handy man or plumber.

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Grease Master Mini Technical Data Sheet

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