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Grease Master


We have developed this unit from over 15 years’ experience of cleaning and emptying many different makes of grease trap.

Fully Sealed Lid:
The design features a fully sealed lid to ensure smell free operation between clean-outs.

Compatibility & Flexibility:
The inlet and outlet connections are internal to the trap and are110mm diameter, compatible with plastic, cast iron and stainless steel pipe. Each GMG Grease Master Grease Trap is supplied with eccentric 110mm – 50mm reducers allowing a great deal of flexibility during installation.

High Retention Times:
The internal volume ensures that a high retention time is achieved which means lighter oils have time to separate giving a higher efficiency.
Each unit features an anti-siphon system and is supplied with a threaded socket as standard to allow a GMG Biological Drain Doser unit to be connected to it.
Click here for more information on GMG Biological Drain Dosing Systems

High Quality Design & Construction:
The GMG Grease Master is manufactured in the UK from 304 grade stainless steel and is fully welded and pressure tested to ensure no leaks of water or air. Adjustable stands are available to raise it from the floor for cleaning underneath.

Food Waste Filtration:
In applications where food waste will enter a grease trap, the cleaning frequency will increase. In this situation a pre-filter such as the 
Filter Shield should be installed prior to the grease trap.
Click here for more information on the
Filter Shield

Please contact our technical department for information on how to correctly size your GMG Grease Master Trap.

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Grease Master Data Sheet

Grease Master Installation Sheet


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