Grease management
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Individually Designed Solutions



At GMG years of experience has taught us that no two sites are ever exactly the same.  For this reason we don't subscribe to a "One Size Fits All" solution for grease management.  Our preferred method for doing business is to do a proper site survey before we recommend equipment or a maintenance schedule.  This allows us to tailor a service that in our best judgement is ideal for your particular needs and circumstances whether your establishment is a small local restaurant, a large skyscraper, a sports stadium or any other hot food catering concern.

So if you need a solution to a Grease Problem –
Just pick up the phone and TALK TO US, we will very quickly tell you if we can help!

In fact no venue is too big or too small to receive our PERSONALISED ATTENTION.

Just Call 01926 432030 we are here to help!

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