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Bacterial Drain Dosing

• The GMG range of Bacterial Drain Dosing Systems:
Building Regulations Approved:
These products offer a “Building Regulations Approved” alternative to the traditional grease trap. They are best suited to sites that don’t have any space for a grease trap. They feature extremely high concentrations of non-toxic, non-pathogenic (non disease carrying) bacteria.

Safe, bacterial treatment:
The bacteria multiply microscopically inside the drainage system forming a protective film and any fat, oil or grease that tries to adhere to the drain wall becomes digested and turned into harmless Carbon dioxide and water.

Manual or Automatic Dosing:
The bacteria are automatically added to the drainage system once the kitchen has stopped operating and slowly make their way through the drain, creating the bio-film. They can be added manually, automatically or by a live delivery, pre-activated unit.

Follow the links below for details of the specific systems available. For advice on which system best suits you, please contact our technical department.

IMPORTANT – For sites that have any form of pumped drainage system, contact GMG for advice before considering bacterial dosing as a means of treatment.

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GMG Grease Guzzler

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