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Grease Shield

• The Grease Shield:
This is the latest development in GRU technology. It features a three stage operation to efficiently remove food debris and waste Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from kitchen washing up operations.

Stage 1 – Food removal
As water enters the Grease Shield a screen separates solids and a de-watering auger transfers them to a collection drawer.

Stage 2 – FOG removal
Five co-operating baffles and a reverse direction flow force the effluent to travel twice the length of the unit, forcing the waste water into contact with the FOG removal drum. FOG’s are picked up via a scraper blade and transferred into a container for disposal.

Stage 3 – Self Cleaning operation
The Grease Shield has an automatic self-cleaning feature whereby the contents of the unit are periodically cycled through the inlet screen to filter solids that may have accumulated. A spray device washes the mesh of the inlet filter screens to ensure their continued efficient operation. The Grease Shield can remove FOG down to a level of 100 parts per million (ppm).

Easy Maintenance:
The only operator intervention necessary is the removal of the food waste tray and disposal of the contents to a bin and the removal of the FOG collection container and the transfer of its contents to a waste cooking oil container.

Collected FOG from a Grease Shield has very minimal water content and is suitable for use in the production of Bio-Diesel.

Long intervals between deep cleans:
The Grease Shield will require yearly or half yearly deep cleaning and replacement of wiper blades to ensure efficient FOG removal.

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Grease Shield Technical Data Sheet

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